-Reggie GG Garcia
Good Day to All!!
First off, thank you owners and G C<92>s who have worked with us this past year! Without you, this year would not have been such a success.
My Estimating Dept. Update:
We<92>ve made great strides in bettering our estimating practices. We<92>ve upgraded to a new QuickPen system for piping/sheet metal. Ryan and I have attended training and are close to integrating all of our processes and material calculations into the new system. We have also moved Wayne into the Estimating PM position. Wayne has brought a very enthusiastic commitment to the office! He is really pushing our growth, quality of product and service to all of our customers. Norman Barrickman comes over from US. Engineering Company and brings extensive knowledge of the estimating and PM side of the industry. He<92>s been very helpful in putting piping-side protocol in place. His job is to help Wayne and me to put into place several estimating systems to ensure our accuracy in future bids. In upcoming work, we<92>ve been blessed with the following:
Black Hills Power WYGEN # 4:
The sister plant to one we completed several years back in Gillette WY (an air cooled power plant.) We<92>re working very closely with the owner and Hladky Construction, both also in Wyoming.
The Massari Gym Renovation:
A project which Houston Construction has asked us to look at with them. Owner is upgrading heating and cooling in the gymnasium. Scope of work includes demolition of existing equipment and installation of a new 60<94> round spiral pipe supply approx 40<94>-0<94> in the air. Doss Aviation:
A very nice project that is located at the Memorial Airport. Invited by Bassett Construction to put budgets together several months ago, Bill had to submit to the owner a detailed synopsis of labor rates & shop/field efficiency reports. These items are to show the owner and Bassett our capabilities in handling the additional workload. This high-profile project is for the Air Force. It will involve retrofitting the existing Unisys bldg for the new pilot training living facilities.
Vision Crew: we really need to show Bassett, Houston, Nunn & Hladky what kind of company we are!! As I mentioned to everyone at the shop a few weeks ago, each and everyone of you represent Vision in the field in your respective position. Your work ethic and professionalism is essential for us to continue to get work in the future. The GC<92>s and Owners who call us for upcoming work want us because we:
1) Perform at a high level.
2) Install and Fabricate a quality product.
3) Give them a fair competitive price.
Let<92>s continue that tradition and work together with our TEAM members to secure work in the future.

-Ryan GG Singleton
Have we forgotten about the news page? No way. It's just been left unattended for a real long time like a balding red-headed stepchild. As an update, we now have a sign out front and we smell prettier than ever.
We will begin posting such articles as those that you would find in our newsletter and more. So be prepared to hear from more of us than just your friendly neighborhood plastic expl.. computer geek.
As many of you may know, we have a serious problem. Nobody can find our facility. I think that has a little something to do with the fact that there is no sign out front.
At all.
This provides hours of entertainment for the office staff, however. We can watch the same vehicles pass back and forth on our street. I've won some serious cash. Especially when it comes to Pueblo Electrics.
I've decided that, given the opportunity to design our new office that we intend to build, I will also decide how we will remedy this problem. For most companies, they stick a sign with their logo out front and call it "wonderful".
I think we need a greeter. A valet. A charming person. A person that will keep up with the quick-paced atmosphere around here. So I did included him in my AutoCAD drawing.

Haha yeah! AutoCAD sure is changing the future of design innit?
Well, it's been a long time since I did a little update on the site. I suppose you could say I've been busy. Which is a good thing. Sort of. Except in that it makes the site look slackful.
In order to make this visit to our news section worth your while, I thought I'd post a picture of two of the more.. well-known fellows at Vision. Reggie and Ron. Which is funny, because Reggie's actual real name is Ronnie. But he was dubbed "Reggie" by said Ron in this picture so as to avoid confusion. This happened at the time that Reggie/Ronnie started dating Ron's wife's sister.. Billie.. Garcia.. not Billy.. Singleton.. and I'm her nephew. Actually, I'm Billy's nephew too. This causes confusion. But at least I'm Ronny's son and Ronnie's nephew, ergo eliminating the same confusion of me being of the same relation to people with names of the homphonic sort.. which should appease all the liberal types out there.
Man.. what the heck did I just say?

Uh thanks.
I've put up a section on the site for an employee newsletter. So if you're an employee, you can probably utilize this.
If you're not an employee, then here's the news for you. I reorganized the site (behind your back), and now the structure within the server is a lot more contained and organized. You should be happy. Even though it didn't change squat for you.
You people suck. You ruin everything for me.
That's a nice, politically correct header for the day don't you think? It staves off menacing growls from those that don't like.. the day that is today, as well as wishes you a happy day whatever you may consider today to be.
Accomodating over-sensitive folks is obviously one of our strong points. Rest assured in that, my friends.
Alrighty, so the news, right. We're working on getting staff pages worked into the mix here. A nice little addition to our site that would really help you familiarize yourself with the people that you talk to over the phone. The only problem is that we have no nice photos of our personage. All that we have lying around this place are photos that are nothing short of embarassing. Seriously.
So check back with us soon.
With that, enjoy your candy.. unless you don't celebrate.. today.. er.. unless you're holistic. Or dyslexic. I mean parapa.. well whatever. Then just.. have a nice dinner.
Upon further investigation into the site's cross compatibility between browsers (that was some serious geek talk), I've found that the site went kinda crazy on 800x600 resolution in Internet Explorer.
It was decent in Mozilla, but there are still a lot of schmucks using Internet Explorer and not to mention most of the trades develop people with bad eyesight. Suffice to say, it had to be fixed.
So, now the site squeezes within 790 pixels, thereabouts, on all pages. I'm trying to squeeze it more so that there are no horizontal scrollbars at all, ever, but I can only accomodate for you bat-eyed chumps for so long (talkin' smack to make up for the geek talk, ok?) before I have to just save the aesthetic value of this.. pig.
So, that's why the site looks like it does. I've tested it, it looks good all-around now, and you all should thank me. Seriously. I accept checks, money orders, cash, etc. No exclusions really.
Now, at Pueblo County High School, we installed some of those newfangled "DuctSox" (AKA, tinning for sparkies) and we expect to have the photos (already taken) on the site within the next few days. You will receive updates (another random parenthesis insert) shortly.
Since there have been no real site updates, save for this one, I thought I'd take a minute to show you all exactly how committed to excellence we are here.

To illustrate this fact, I thought I'd make an example of our fearless leader, Bill Singleton. You see, even though this man has taken the time, headache, and high blood pressure required to start a business, he still doesn't mind arriving at the office each day as well as visiting the job site to put on his tools and go to work.

To illustrate this fact, I thought I'd supply a visual. Now, if I know my file photos and directories of this site correctly, below you will see an example of Bill on the job. He is wearing MSHA approved safety clothing and working hard in high altitudes as is often the case here in the Rocky Mountain Area.

He's really into his work. He knows what it takes to put the dinner on the plates of his precious children, just like you.

And all that crap.
To your left you will find a new and fancier navigation pane. Over here we are celebrating with wine and cheese. That's our way of doing things here.
Also, if you haven't been by here in a long time, please take a visit to our photos page. We have new shots, some with newer cameras that we have at our disposal. If you really care. We think of our work as awesome, but that's because we are educated about our own awesomeness.
Serving as the central page to inform you as to what is happening throughout the site and our company, we thought of implementing this page. Here you will find updates on our page for job photos as well as what potential technical advances or problems we may have with email or otherwise.

For instance, as of today, you may now e-mail Bill or Reggie and it will reach their handhelds. This means that you aren't taking the risk of waiting until they get back to the office to find what you've written them, (though they may take as long to reply). Rather convenient information to have.

As of now, those are the only two with handhelds, which could change if these fancy devices work as we are hoping that they will. Other updates will be added accordingly to inform you of our growth as a business. Thank you for your time.

© 2005 Vision Mechanical.

© 2006 Vision Mechanical.