Jobs to date as of October, 2005

Cooling tower overhead view.

Condensing unit shot.

Cooling tower profile.

Cooling tower profile.

Agilent was a nice introduction of our piping department to the industry and Colorado.

Black Hills Facility.

PRV Fan Prep.

Installed PRV's.

PRV Crane Lift.

Black Hills Power Plant
Located Near Gillette, Wyoming, this power plant challenged our team in aspects of height and size, which was handled using a crane.

Beginning of riser install.

Tugger prep.

Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mine (AngloGold)
The CC&V Gold Mine posed, once again, the task of incredible height and strict safety. The scope of work included that of a riser that stretched 120 feet into the air.

A shot of the loud kiln at the mine.

Illustrating our capacity for Genie lift use.

A shot of the immense kiln on the job.

Cotter Mine
An industrial sized, safety rigorous, and extensive job that challenged us in terms of welding, fiberglass, and piping.

A full view of the crane used on the job.

Lifting the cooling tower to the rooftop.

Colorado State University, Pueblo
One of our piping department's first jobs, this job required the use of a crane to install a chiller on the library rooftop.

Holcim Cement Plant.

Installation of a baghouse outside the plant for dust collection.

A view of a riser outside the plant.

A view of a riser outside the plant.

Holcim Cement Plant
A handful of hoppers and risers were installed on this large cement plant near Canon City, CO.

Praise Assembly of God.

Finished sanctuary view.

Directly beneath the round duct.

Three-quarter view of installed duct.

Praise Assembly of God
One of the largest churches in Pueblo, Colorado, Praise assembly provided a unique opportunity to install aesthetically pleasing duct in an exposed environment.

Rocky Mountain Steel Mill.

Santa and the crew.

The job foreman only appears to be taking a siesta.

The product nearing operation.

Rocky Mountain Steel Mill
A healthy, and dirty, addition to our industrial accomplishments. This job was of little trouble save for the elbow grease supplied by the men.

Pueblo West High School.

Pueblo East High School.

Pueblo County High School.

Pueblo School Districts 60 & 70
Keeping your foot in the door with local schools can create a dependable source of work and income for contracting companies. School District 60 and School District 70 have been a staple of our business diet.

Plasma automated cutting.

A rear view of the fabrication shop.

A front view of the shop and the coil line.

A finished chute skin for Thyssen Krupp.

Stainless steel and black iron sign for our office.

One of our most prided assets is our capacity to fabricate everything from standard duct to heavy industrial products such as but not limited to: structural members, tanks, and chutes.

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